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The benefits of furnishing

From over 16 years of furnishing all types properties here are some useful tips and advice we think can help you with your property.

Private Landlords

Whether there’s a need for a single item replacement or a complete furniture and appliance solution, we can give you the expert advice and choice you need.

Lettings Agents

You need a turnkey approach that takes care of every detail, from collecting keys, to delivery, installation and removal of old unwanted items. We understand the need to let property as quickly as possible, so if the property needs a full facelift, or could simply do with a replacement sofa, we can help.

Property Developers

You need outstanding value for money, with the detailed planning to manage all budgets. Our team are highly experienced in creating practical and comfortable furniture solutions that suit the requirements of specific tenants and property environments.

Student Accommodation

You need a fully managed service that delivers the quality to meet the expectations of the modern student – from room design to delivery and installation. Our experienced team can provide the furniture and appliances that students demand; and create ideal roomsets for bedroom, study, dining and communal areas.


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