Furniture & Appliances for Landlords, Letting Agents & Developers

The benefits of furnishing

Furnishing your property gives you several clear advantages:

  1. People can immediately see the potential of a property – rooms become bedrooms, kitchens look homely – and that helps them make the decision quickly.
  2. It sets your property apart from the rest – quality, stylish furniture and the latest appliances can give you a competitive edge.
  3. It’s ideal for quick lets – people can sign up and move straight in because the property has everything they need.

Strategic approach saves money

Making sure you plan carefully has its rewards:

  1. You can save money by careful planning – mixing and matching can be less economical and could leave you with patchy results.
  2. It will ensure you have the same level of quality and functionality throughout your property – there’s no point having a great cooker and a cheap fridge.
  3. Delivery and installation are planned in too – to help make sure everything is ready so you can get furnished and get let.

Cut the hassle

You have enough to be getting on with, why make it harder?

  1. Flat pack may seem easier, but handling all that assembly and installation takes up precious time – leave it to the experts to get it done quickly.
  2. Packaging and old stuff needs removing – endless trips to clear rubbish just adds to the task.
    Make sure it is done right first time – simple mistakes when installing even basic appliances can cost you more time and money to fix.

Targeting the right tenant

You have a perfect tenant in mind – make sure you appeal to them:

  1. The right styles and on-trend functionality sends a signal that you know who you want and helps the right tenant choose your property.
  2. Targeting helps ensure you meet the requirements of specific groups – students need desks and good lighting, couples may want a dining table…
  3. It saves money – there is no point in paying out for a decent hob, when your tenants will be eating take-away or microwave meals most nights.

Keeping track of everything

Just filling a property with furniture and appliances is not the end of it – you’ll need to make sure you have adequate records:

  1. To ensure maintenance is properly and regularly carried out
  2. To create a proper inventory that includes things like make, model, finish and cost
  3. To be able to quickly and efficiently replace or renew items

Trends and durability

Style is personal, trends are mainstream. It is never wise to simply create the look and feel that you personally like, as you’ll then need to find someone with the same taste? A planned approach will ensure:

  1. You create a property that appeals widely
    That you allow for changing tastes – simple additions and revisions can easily update a property
    That you don’t waste money on styling etc. that tenants will simply remove or cover – that expensive quirky sofa may just end up under a blanket…